Legendary Youngest Son Of The Marquis House

Legendary Youngest Son Of The Marquis House
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    Jack Be Invincible ; Legendary Youngest Son of the Marquis House ; The Margravial Household's Phenomenal Youngest Son ; The Marquess's Youngest Son ; The Youngest Son of a Marquis ; 侯爵家の歴代最強の末息子 ; 史上超强小儿子 ; 후작가의 역대급 막내아들
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After getting revenge on the Thulcaan Empire, Jack Valantier took his last breath. But just when he thinks it's all over, he finds himself transported back to when he was 14! From his negligent and wicked family to his loyal servant and caring sister, it's all just as he had remembered. But this time, Jack is armed to the teeth with decades of experience from his previous life! He's ready to give them hell, and those that have wronged him will pay dearly. Because this time, he's invincible.

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